Getting into online rehearsals

Zoom rehearsal

We have been joining each other weekly from our homes for singing with the help of Harriet’s direction. We have all learned more about technology, about hearing our own voices relatively unaided by other singers. Harriet has introduced us to solfa and the Curwen hand signs to aid us with the solfa method. Whether we will ever get as good as the children in The Sound of Music is another matter.

After a warm up we sing a selection of songs in parts from our Rep books which helps us keep our voices and musical brains in good health. We hope that Jenny will be able to take part soon and provide us with piano accompaniments.

It has been great to see each other and to have a chance to chat in the break-out rooms. The raffle continues and we break at 8.00pm to clap the essential workers. All good fun in our new circumstances

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